Viam's Rabbit Hotel was started in 2009. It started with 2 guests, named Sugar and Spice and has grown from that point. 

We exist so that you can have a safe place to leave your bunny. For 1 night or 100 nights, we are here to look after your bunny. We look after bunnies who have owners going on holiday, leaving town for a night, or going outside the town or country. 

Our aim is to help you with your rabbit. So if you need us to kennel your bunny, or even do the job of getting your bunny to and from a rabbit firendly vet. Or maybe you have returned from the vet and  feel nervous about giving your bunny its medicine for a few days. If you have an overweight bunny, aggressive bunny or two bunnies needing socialising. You have to keep Viam's Rabbit Hotel in mind. A rabbit owner will have our number in their phone because they needs us to be their bunny's friend.