Preparing your Rabbit (and Yourself) for Rabbit Boarding - 2016-01-23

Yourself The best thing you can do to put your mind at ease is to try and visit the rabbit boarding kennel to put your mind at ease. Do this anytime before confirming your booking. Ask the questions you want including inspecting. See our inspection guideline newsletter for what you could be looking out for to at least have something to check ... more

Inspecting the Rabbit Boarding Kennel - 2016-01-22

Here are a few guidelines about what to do when you inspect a rabbit boarding kennel A Checklist when Inspecting your Rabbit Kennel The look of the place Does it look clean? Does it smell neutral or clean? Clean Cages Does the cages seem to be cleaned reasonably often (daily or every two days?) The P... more

Should I Kennel my Rabbit - 2016-01-22

This is entirely a personal choice. A rabbit that has been with you has not just been fed. Your rabbit is like a good friend or a mirror to your thoughts. A rabbit is many things. Remember that your rabbit has been handled, cared for, held, stroked, brushed and even spoken to. When you go away your rabbit needs you for the same and even more reason... more