As of immediately this are our policies.


  • I have high quality rabbit pellets which are included in the price of stay.
  • If you want your rabbit to be fed anything else or extra, please bring that along.


  • If you want mes to feed your rabbit its own food, then please bring enough for the duration of the stay PLUS two extra days for emergencies


  • I  have 3 types of vegetables that we will give. Anything more than this you will need to bring yourself.
  • The only herbs we will provide is parsley, rocket, coriander, dill and sage. Anything more than this you will need ot bring yourself. 


  • We will not give your rabbit treats that have sugar, even if you bring it along. This includes seed balls, treat balls, things that were intended for parrots or hamsters or small mammals but look cute or anything that has sugar.
  • I will not give your bunny any banana. At all ever. Not the dried variety or the fresh kind. Please leave that at home. 


  • You can bring any toys along to our rabbit kennel. This can include a favourite fluff toy or hard toy


  • It must be washable
  • Please write your name or your bunny’s name on it somewhere (we have a laundry pen that you may use when you get here)
  • You may bring a towel or cloth n bigger than 30cm in one dimension
  • Solid bedding like ‘car mats’ or similar will not be used if it does not allow draining
  • We will clean your bedding before returning it with your bunny.


  • We have bowls, so do not bring those.
  • If your bunny drinks from a vertical bottle ONLY, then bring that along
  • Bring personal effects in a Ziploc Bag (of any size) but also mark that bag


  • We have cages for your rabbit (see sizes described elsewhere).
  • If you insist on your own cage, please arrange to drop it off and collect it.
  • We will clean your cage sometime during your rabbits stay.


  • Leave it at home.


  • I do my best to remember everything that you brought along. If however I forget something, or you do too, I will keep it for your next visit.
  • If your items are not marked, I am not responsible for the loss.


  • We expect payment by the time of collection.
  • We take cash or EFT