Preparing your Rabbit (and Yourself) for Rabbit Boarding


  • The best thing you can do to put your mind at ease is to try and visit the rabbit boarding kennel to put your mind at ease. Do this anytime before confirming your booking. Ask the questions you want including inspecting. See our inspection guideline newsletter for what you could be looking out for to at least have something to check on.
  • If the rabbit boarding kennel is too far (our rabbit boarding kennel is close to Cresta, Johannesburg) then try to conduct a long telephone conversation (5-8 minutes) and feel free to ask what you want. 
  • Write down you vet’s phone number, emergency contact number for yourself and a local contact person (friend or similar) if possible.

Your rabbit

  • If you are going on a long trip, say 2 weeks and longer, then consider doing a trial visit-saty over a weekend, as much as a month before or even as close as the prior weekend, to get the rabbit accustomed to the new venue, sights and smells. Rabbits that are on repeat visits (less than 5 weeks between visits) we have seen do not display the stress during the repeat visit.
  • Say good bye to your bunny at home. Try to avoid emotional good byes at the boarding kennel. Your rabbit will have the added stress of experiencing a distressed you as well.
  • Bring along treats. If you want a smell from home (the items will get washed after a few days) then use a hand towel or wash cloth. Maybe even bring two (we have had someone bringing a really nice Daniel Hechter shirts worn to work the day before. It was neatly washed, iron and returned to the client bythe time they collected their bunny).

With all of the above we hope that you and your rabbit will be better prepared.