RABBIT BOARDING POLICIES As of immediately this are our policies. FOOD I have high quality rabbit pellets which are included in the price of stay. If you want your rabbit to be fed anything else or extra, please bring that along. O

We will look after your bunny for anything from 1 night to 100 nights.  On arrival we screen your rabbit for:  Eczema Diarrhoea Nails for Trimming Overbite and  Gender

The process of spaying and neutering is stressful and when the bunny is returned it needs special care. Sutures and stitches need to be kept clean, a listless bunny needs to be allowed to feed quickly and the 20-25 days  after returning from the

We all love our bunnies and on occasion we need to take them to the vet. Following from that anxiety you now need to help your bunny recuperate. If you are unable to do it, or are nervous to do it yourself, you can check your bunny in for us to provi

From time to time you need to give your bunny some meds or apply a salve or even when you need to hand feed your bunny. Come and see us to learn how to do it with confidence, or arrange to kennel your bunny while treatment is required.

We will locate a rabbit savvy vet, make the appointment, deliver and bring back to our kennel your bunny after a visit to the vet.